Annotated protein:Gamma-aminobutyric acid receptor subunit alpha-3 (GABA(A) receptor subunit alpha-3). Gene symbol: GABRA3. Taxonomy: Mus musculus (Mouse). Uniprot ID: P26049
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SynGO gene info:SynGO data @ GABRA3
Ontology domain:Cellular Component
SynGO term:integral component of postsynaptic specialization membrane (GO:0099060)
Synapse type(s):amygdala, GABAergic
Annotated paper:Geracitano R, et al. "Functional expression of the GABA(A) receptor alpha2 and alpha3 subunits at synapses between intercalated medial paracapsular neurons of mouse amygdala" Front Neural Circuits. 2012 May 31;6:32 PMID:22666188
Annotation description:"To reveal the α3 subunit, we carried out both immunoperoxidase and silver-intensified immunogold reactions. As the α3 antibody recognized an extracellular epitope, the peroxidase reaction end product was observed primarily associated with the plasma membrane of the postsynaptic specialization of symmetric synapses (Figure (Figure4A).4A). However, due to its diffusion, the presynaptic active zone and some intracellular organelles located immediately underneath the postsynaptic membrane appeared also labeled (Figure (Figure4A).4A). On the other hand, silver-gold particles were directly observed at the postsynaptic membrane within the main body of symmetric synapses thus demonstrating a restricted localization of the α3 subunit to postsynaptic elements (Figure (Figure4B).4B)"

Note: staining is more centered around the postsynapse. No quantification was included.

- Based on the known transmembrane topology of the protein, the "integral component of ... membrane" term was chosen.
Evidence tracking, Biological System:Intact tissue
Evidence tracking, Protein Targeting:Antibody (detection)
Evidence tracking, Experiment Assay:Electron Microscopy
Annotator(s):Pim van Nierop (ORCID:0000-0003-0593-3443)
Guus Smit (ORCID:0000-0002-2286-1587)
Matthijs Verhage (ORCID:0000-0002-2514-0216)
Lab:Department of Functional Genomics, Department of Molecular and Cellular Neurobiology, Center for Neurogenomics and Cognitive Research, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, 1081 HV Amsterdam, The Netherlands
SynGO annotation ID:2059
Dataset release (version):20210225
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