Dear Synapse investigator

Currently SynGO contains 1112 annotated synaptic proteins/genes, by the contributions of many of your colleagues. We highly welcome new annotations. We hope you can contribute to SynGO by suggesting the synaptic function or location of a protein, for instance of your favorite proteins central to your own research, but also proteins investigated by others that you think should be in SynGO. Together with you, we can expand SynGO into the largest deep-curated database for the synapse community!

If you add an annotation to SynGO, we specifically need published evidence, even down to the experiments performed that provide the evidence that a protein is synaptic. We ask you to provide details on this evidence together with the annotation in a simple, user-friendly interface. We will consider your input, run it by SynGO experts and accept it if it fulfills the evidence criteria. Your contribution will be acknowledged in each annotation in the database.

Prior to submission, please use the search function on this website to check if your suggested protein annotation is not a duplicate. We encourage multiple annotations to the same protein/gene. For instance, evidence for orthologs in different species, but also annotations for the same protein in the same species to different synaptic locations or different synaptic functions, or to the same location/function, but using different methodology. We also welcome annotations that challenge existing annotations.