Annotated protein:Neurexin-1 (Neurexin I-alpha) (Neurexin-1-alpha). Gene symbol: NRXN1. Taxonomy: Mus musculus (Mouse). Uniprot ID: Q9CS84
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SynGO gene info:SynGO data @ NRXN1
Ontology domain:Biological Process
SynGO term:regulation of presynapse assembly (GO:1905606)
Synapse type(s):hippocampus, glutamatergic
Annotated paper:Taniguchi H, et al. "Silencing of neuroligin function by postsynaptic neurexins" J Neurosci. 2007 Mar 14;27(11):2815-24 PMID:17360903
Figure(s):Fig.3, 4, 5, 6
Annotation description:Background: this paper reports on the non-conventional role of postsynaptic Nrxn1; neurexin 1 beta in negatively regulating the ability to induce presynaptic differentiation of neuroligin 1.

Fig.3: "cis-expression of neurexins reduces synaptogenic activity of neuroligin-1 in hippocampal neurons"
Fig.4: "cis-expressed neurexins directly block synaptogenic activity of neuroligin-1"
Fig.5: "β-Neurexin overexpression results in upregulation of neuroligins in cis"
Fig.6: "Dendritic neurexin expression reduces vGlut1 clustering and neurexin binding in dissociated hippocampal neurons"
Evidence tracking, Biological System:Cultured neurons
Evidence tracking, Protein Targeting:Over-expression
Evidence tracking, Experiment Assay:Confocal
Annotator(s):Pim van Nierop (ORCID:0000-0003-0593-3443)
Guus Smit (ORCID:0000-0002-2286-1587)
Matthijs Verhage (ORCID:0000-0002-2514-0216)
Lab:Department of Functional Genomics, Department of Molecular and Cellular Neurobiology, Center for Neurogenomics and Cognitive Research, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, 1081 HV Amsterdam, The Netherlands
SynGO annotation ID:2749
Dataset release (version):20210225
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