This tool can map various protein/gene IDs into gene identifiers and symbols. For instance, to find respective gene symbols for a list of Ensembl genes, or convert human UniProt protein accessions to HGNC gene IDs and symbols.

A third-party webservice is used to perform ID conversion, as detailed here. Phylogenetic mapping is not supported in this tool yet. So if your input data are not human protein/gene IDs and you want to use the SynGO geneset analysis tool, you should use external tools (eg; biomart) to retrieve human orthologs for now (alternatively you can try using mouse/rat gene symbols as input for the SynGO geneset analysis, but beware of mismatches where gene symbols aren't the same between orthologs).

Using this tool:
  1. copy/paste your protein/gene IDs into the textarea below
  2. select the respective ID type and species from drowdown menus. note; your input must be of a single ID type and species
  3. press 'start ID conversion' to start
  4. store the results on your computer by clicking 'download', please re-use these in future analyses
  5. this tool does not translate mouse/rat identifiers to human orthologs (yet), but in most cases you should be able to work with the 'gene symbol' results from this tool as input for SynGO geneset analyses (i.e. this'll match your mouse/rat gene symbols to the human gene symbols, which exactly match for nearly all SynGO genes).
When using this resource, please cite: Koopmans et al., 2019, Neuron. PMID:31171447.

version: 12-12-2020