The SynGO geneset analysis tool requires human gene IDs (ensembl, entrez, HGNC, symbols), MGI mouse IDs or RGD rat IDs as input. You can use this tool to map your protein/gene IDs from mouse/rat/human into an ID type supported by SynGO.
Third-party webservices are used to perform ID conversion, as detailed here. Phylogenetic mapping is not supported in this tool yet, so if your input data is not mouse/rat/human you should use external tools (eg; biomart) to retrieve human orthologs for now.
Using this tool:
  1. copy/paste your protein/gene IDs into the textarea below
  2. select the respective ID type and species from drowdown menus. note; your input must be of a single ID type and species
  3. press 'start ID conversion' to start
  4. store the results by clicking 'download', please re-use these in future analyses to ease the load on our servers.
  5. For now, you can immediately copy results to the clipboard. Next time around, you can re-use the downloaded ID mapping table.
  6. go the the main SynGO page and paste the resulting gene IDs into the geneset tool
When using this resource, please cite: Koopmans et al., 2019, Neuron. PMID:31171447.

version: 12-12-2020